Dirty 3 Shows, late 2009. Supported by Josh T. Pearson:

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Dirty Three & Laughing Clowns Join Sydney Festival – dated Nov 5th 2009

Sydney Festival in conjunction with ATP and Feel is proud to announce a Don’t Look Back Concerts Presentation featuring  Dirty Three and the Laughing Clowns. These two giants of alternative Australian music will join forces for a night of artistic bliss performing – in their entirety – a classic album from each of their respective catalogues. For the Dirty Three the choice was easy, their fourth album Ocean Songs having already been deemed a ‘classic’ and performed in London, New York and in truncated fashion as part of All Tomorrow’s Parties Mt.Buller. There will be no shortchanging this time though, as the Dirty Three work their way through the full 70 minutes of Ocean Songs.

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For the Clowns the choice was more difficult. Born into an era of the mini-album, it seemed prohibitive to rule out some of their most loved and iconic work purely on the basis of a a technicality. Equally, as anyone who is familiar with the Laughing Clowns would be aware, the band were a moving beast never settling into any one style for too long. It was decided then against some tough competition – Law of Nature,Ghosts of An Ideal Wife – that the History of Rock ‘n Roll Vol 1 be the chosen album. Released in 1983, History… was a compilation covering the period 1979 – 1983 through various line-up changes and a variety of releases including Holy Joe, Mad Flies, Sometimes (I Can’t Live with Anyone) and Collapse Board – a brilliant cross section of a band that only now seems to getting their due.

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Will there be more Don’t Look Back shows by the Dirty Three and Laughing Clowns?
Check back with us around November 13th and we’ll let you know.