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11/8/13 Union Pool Brooklyn NY 11/12/13 Rhythm Room Phoenix AZ w/ Bill Callahan 11/13/13 Pappy and Harriets Pioneertown Palace Pioneertown CA w/ Bill Callahan 11/14/13 Japan American Theatre Los Angeles CA w/ Bill Callahan 11/15/13 Soho Restaurant & Music Club Santa Barbara CA w/ Bill Callahan 11/16/13 Great American Music...
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Ulterior Motives – A seven track release accompanying the Towards the Low Sun Australian tour in 2012 which includes demos and live versions of early songs. Released through Anchor and Hope. Read More here…
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Dirty Three released Toward the Low Sun and have been touring it throughout Australia, North America and Europe since.  Avideo directed by Emma Watts was released to accompany Rising Below. The Anchor & Hope online store has moved to Polyester so update your links to/ and all will be...
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Free Music Archive now hosting Dirty Three: Curated by WFMU All Tomorrow’s Parties Primavera Sound Enjoy!
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Please note that the ATP/IBYM has changed location: Event Relocated to New York City – Day/Weekend Passes On Sale Now! 21 Sep 2012 to 23 Sep 2012, Pier 36, Manhattan, NYC Date Venue Location Details 9/20/12 Ukrainian Federation Montreal Canada 9/21/12 Brighton Music Hall Boston MA 9/22/12 ATP Festival (I’ll Be Your...
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NOVEMBER 2012 Tue 20 – UK, Birmingham, Glee Club || 0871 472 0400 Wed 21 – UK, Manchester, Cathedral Fri 23 – Ireland, Dublin, Button Factory Sun 25 – UK, Glasgow, Oran Mor || 0844 847 2487 Mon 26 – UK, Gateshead, The Sage Gateshead – 0191 443 4661 Tue...

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May > Sat 26 :: UK, London, Alexandra Palace – I’ll Be Your Mirror Sun 27 ::  France, Lille, Le’Aeronef Mon 28 :: France, Nantes, Stereolux Tue 29 :: France, Paris, Trabendo – Villette Sonique Wed 30 :: France, Lyon, L’Epicerie Moderne June > Fri 1 :: Spain, Barcelona, Primavera Sound Sun 3 :: Italy, Bologna Mon 4 ::...

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Dirty Three are playing at Splendour on the Grass! In 2012 SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS embarks on a new chapter in the life of Australia’s favourite winter festival. Back home at Byron Bay, from July 27 to 29 Splendour will once again transform Belongil Fields into the ultimate playground for music and arts enthusiasts. Tickets...

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DIRTY THREE – Starcourt Theatre, Lismore : Friday 23 March 2012

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Acting as sister events to the world famous ATP Festivals which usually take place in holiday resorts, and named after the b-side to The Velvet Underground’s original All Tomorrow’s Parties 7″ single, I’ll Be Your Mirror is a series of artist curated music, film and art events taking place in cities worldwide. Dirty Three are...

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The team behind End of the Road is launching a new festival! No Direction Home will make its first outing from 8 – 10 June 2012, at Welbeck Abbey in the northern reaches of Sherwood Forest. It is the first time that this historic and beautiful setting, first mentioned as far back as the Domesday Book, will play host to...

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“I think we may have cracked it. This may well be the definitive album from Dirty Three.” - Warren Ellis, November 2011 In early 2012 Dirty Three will boldly break cover with an extensive Australian tour, including their own headlining shows, festival appearances and their first ever performance at the Sydney Opera House. The band will also release...

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Wear and listen ‘Whatever You Love You Are’. Playbutton has preorder available for Whatever You Love You Are playbuttons right now. Playbuttons are nifty little wearable buttons (or badges) that contain entire playable albums! You can buy/preorder them here now for $23 USD: Other merchants listed here, and more press can be found here....

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The Dust Never Settles is is composed of footage recorded during a fourteen-month, 50,000 km road tour of Australia with a soundtrack by The Dirty Three.

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DIRTY THREE AUSTRALIAN TOUR, January / February 2010.

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dirty3 shows 2009, supported by Josh T Pearson.

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dirty3 shows 2009, supported by Josh T Pearson.
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