The Dirty Three

Warren Ellis (violin)
Mick Turner (guitar)
Jim White (drums)

formed 1992
Melbourne, Australia

Dirty Three are an Australian band, consisting of Warren Ellis, Mick Turner and Jim White, which formed in 1992.

Their album, Horse Stories (1996), was voted by United States magazine, Rolling Stone, as one of the top three albums of the year.

Two of their albums have peaked into the top 50 on the ARIA Albums Chart, Ocean Songs (1998) and Toward the Low Sun (2012).

During their career they have spent much of their time overseas, when not performing together Turner is based in Melbourne, White lives in New York, and Ellis in Paris.

“Dirty Three are my favourite live band. No contest… I think it’s because they don’t have a singer… There are three musicians working together, one no less important than the other and well, you can get lost in all that. Their music washes over you and you’re away… When I watch them, they ignite something, I start having grand plans and hundreds of lyrics leap into my head.”

–Nick Cave

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Sad & Dangerous, 1995
Dirty Three, 1995
Horse Stories, 1997
Sharks, 1998
Ocean Songs, 1998
Ufkuko, 1998
Whatever You Love, You Are, 2000
Lowlands, 2000
In The Fishtank #7, 2001
She Has No Strings Apollo, 2003
Cinder, 2005
Live! At Meredith, 2005
Toward the Low Sun, 2012
Ulterior Motives, 2012

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