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11/8/13 Union Pool Brooklyn NY 11/12/13 Rhythm Room Phoenix AZ w/ Bill Callahan 11/13/13 Pappy and Harriets Pioneertown Palace Pioneertown CA w/ Bill Callahan 11/14/13 Japan American Theatre Los Angeles CA w/ Bill Callahan 11/15/13 Soho Restaurant & Music Club Santa Barbara CA w/ Bill Callahan 11/16/13 Great American Music...
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Ulterior Motives – A seven track release accompanying the Towards the Low Sun Australian tour in 2012 which includes demos and live versions of early songs. Released through Anchor and Hope. Read More here…
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Dirty Three released Toward the Low Sun and have been touring it throughout Australia, North America and Europe since.  Avideo directed by Emma Watts was released to accompany Rising Below. The Anchor & Hope online store has moved to Polyester so update your links to/ and all will be...
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Free Music Archive now hosting Dirty Three: Curated by WFMU All Tomorrow’s Parties Primavera Sound Enjoy!
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Please note that the ATP/IBYM has changed location: Event Relocated to New York City – Day/Weekend Passes On Sale Now! 21 Sep 2012 to 23 Sep 2012, Pier 36, Manhattan, NYC Date Venue Location Details 9/20/12 Ukrainian Federation Montreal Canada 9/21/12 Brighton Music Hall Boston MA 9/22/12 ATP Festival (I’ll Be Your...
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Warp Films and ATP have programmed a unique UK cinematic/live tour of the documentary ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES screening together with a live concert from Brooklyn based art-rockers Les Savy Fav plus a DJ set by ATP founder Barry Hogan, from 23 October 2009, prior to the DVD release on 2 November 2009.

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Dirty Three are playing @ Greenman Festival in UK on sunday 23rd aug 09 and at ATP in NYC, USA! ATP from 11 Sep 2009 to 13 Sep 2009, Kutshers Country Club, Monticello, NY, USA OMG! Check it out!

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DIRTY THREE to feature in new All Tomorrow's Parties film.

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Dirty Three will be playing All Tomorrow’s parties festival at Mt Buller, Victoria in January. They’ll be performing Ocean Songs and you can read more at the ATP website. Tickets available here.  
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